a great catch-up with Betty

We had a great time catching up with Betty yesterday night to welcome her back to Ecuador after a looong 6 months. She has been an extremely helpful sister and a very memorable first member of the church. She also happens to be a lover of sushi like us! (Sushi-lovers are a rather rare people type here.. not everybody likes asian food or raw fish…) So again, we took the opportunity to treat ourselves to our favourite food. :p Thank God for the fruitful time of sharing too. 8) Think it may be some time before we treat ourselves to sushi again, especially as we gear ourselves for an eventful time of constructing and moving into the church location.

Each one of us ordered different kinds of sushi and we shared our lives over good food. 🙂 The topics we talked about ranged from family lives, church, what we learnt from God, our careers, how we have changed etc. We talked from 8pm till 11plus at night and were the last to leave from the restaurant. Betty drove us home after that. 🙂

We took a few photos which include a kind of sushi on fire. Its name is Flambée. It was delicious and quite an eye-catcher with the pouring of flaming sake over the sushi! 😀



  1. Dear friends, it was good to talk, laugh, and enjoy together!. Thank you very much!
    Sushi was so delicious.


  2. Thank YOU Betty, for the great company and being open to share your life with us. 🙂 And for sharing our love of sushi… :P~
    We’re really glad to have you back! 🙂

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