Welcome back Betty

PR and I went to the airport to fetch a dear friend of ours, Betty yesterday night. 🙂 Betty was the first member of our church and we got to know her during our exploration trip to Ecuador about 2 years ago. She is now staying in United States and she is back to visit her family in Ecuador. She will be back for about 4 months and we were glad to see her again. 😀 Below are a few photos:

I got to talk to Betty more after the Good Friday service today and she said that she is now helping Pastor Ben to do the translation of our South America churches website and she can help me do more translation if I need. She has helped me to translate many sermons in the past and I am grateful that she is always cheerful and available to help our church, even when she was in United States. She always does an excellent job in translation. We received much encouragement from her emails and comments on our blog too. We really appreciate her very much. 😀 Thank God for her being a blessing to us. 8)

Today we have many people for our Good Friday service. Our church is full again. Thankfully, we are moving to a bigger place in May. I wept in the middle of my sermon as I felt the love of God even as I was preaching. It was a rare sight as it was not normal for me to tear, especially in the midst of preaching. Betty came up to offer me tissue paper. As I continued preaching, I saw more people tearing and I sensed the hearts of the people opening to God. It was a memorable sermon and people came up to tell me that it was a sermon of love after the service. Thank God for moving my heart and the hearts of the people. 🙂



  1. Dear Timothy and Phoebe,

    Thank you so much for this entry. I really appreciated it. You are so nice!

    It was a very touching moment when I saw all of you, my dear family waiting for me at the airport. I am so happy to be with all of you and it is my honor to be able to help you and to have your friendship.

    The sermon on Friday was really impacting, most of us were crying, you are doing an excellent job.

    Many hugs

  2. It was so wonderful seeing Betty with the church family. I love hearing of our sister church and it sounds like one of our prayers has been answered – you have a new place in May! Betty was such a blessing to our TCC congregation and of course is missed. However, I feel she is God’s child to the multitudes and I see this in your love for her and in our love for her. She serves our Father well. God Bless you all.

  3. Que bueno que estes una vez más entre nosotros Betty, ya sabes que toda tu familia Esperanza te ama en el amor del Señor, que tu estadia sea para bendecirnos, y veo que así va hacer ya que los cambios que ha hecho Dios en tu vida son muy evidentes.

    Te quiero en Jesús

  4. I want to thank Dorothy for those beautiful words, she is a very good friend of mine, my sister in Christ and she has been like an angel taking care of me and teaching me many things. God bless you my dear friend.

    Muchas gracias a Lenin, es muy bueno tenerte de vuelta con nosotros. Eres un hermano muy querido, gracias por tus lindas palabras de aliento. Que Dios nos permita seguir creciendo como familia espiritual.

    Un abrazo.

  5. Dear Dorothy, Betty has shared with us what a wonderful friend you and Tigard church have been to her. Thank you for helping Betty so much in assimilating and adjusting to Portland! 🙂 It is heartwarming to know that Betty is well taken care of by like-minded brothers and sisters! 🙂
    It is also very encouraging to have Tigard church partner with us in prayer. 🙂 Let’s move and grow together in the Lord!

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