Ecuador-Paraguay Match Photos

It was yet another thrilling match that ended up super-triste (super-sad) as Paraguay scored a goal in the last 30th second. 30 seconds more and we would have won…. ARGHHHHHHH~ What an April’s Fool ‘joke’….. *hai*

This time, the match was on a weekday and most other people were working. (But supporting Ecuador is so important that in many companies, if you can show your ticket to your HR, they’ll allow you to go watch the match! Cool benefit huh?) ST and I went around 2.30pm. The match started at 4.20pm. We managed to get 1 and 1/2 seats by the staircases so my generous husband had half-a-butt on the staircase. Anyway, by 3.20pm, the staircases were all filled with people so you couldn’t really tell it was the staircase.

It was a more ‘eventful’ match than the previous match of Ec-Brazil. Paraguay was always falling down on the floor, the referee and linesmen were Columbians (who are just slightly ahead of Ecuador on the table now, by a small goal difference) who, in my opinion, were biased. There was almost a fight on the field between Ec and Paraguay players, just seconds before the first half ended. The referee gave out 8 yellow cards (5 to Ec, 3 to Para) and 1 red card (Paraguay). Some, we have no idea why they were flashed a yellow OR red card.

One of my English students told me that this referee is rather inexperienced internationally, so perhaps that explains why… but still… The World Cup committee should place referees from another group so that there is a lesser possibility of the referee having selfish interests… isn’t it? hehe..

ST and I think that we won’t watch any more WC matches live in the stadium… we’ll probably go to a restaurant or something the next time… πŸ™‚ I managed to capture the Brazil goal in the Ec-Brazil match.. and this time.. I managed to catch the Paraguay goal in the Ec-Paraguay match… BUT.. I WANT TO CATCH THE ECUADOR GOALS! Sheesh… heh… The ecuador goal in this match was a beautiful corner headed in by Cristian Noboa. Almost managed to catch it… but my camera started up a little slower than they kicked…

In any case, we had lots of fun. πŸ™‚ Check out the colorful photos:


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