Madagascar 2 in Remar

Last Saturday, we had one of the most fruitful and fun Remar sessions! The program went like this :

First, we taught the kids English using the theme song that goes “I like to (move it move it)”. We sang, with actions “I like to move it, move it. You like to dance it, dance it. He likes to sing it, sing it. She likes to.. RUN IT!” Haha.. it was funny!

Then we watched Madagascar 2 and at the end of the show, the kids were asked to line up in front of pictures of their favourite character, and share with the rest, what they like about the character and what they learnt from the show. We gave away the hand-drawn, or printed pictures of the characters to those who answered the questions well. šŸ™‚ The children learnt that friendship includes forgiveness (from the Zebra), treating each other well and love is about being faithful too (from Melman the giraffe).

After this, we had a fun time doing face-painting for the kids. Lots of them wanted to be lions… a few were zebras… only ONE faithful girl in my group wanted to be a giraffe… and unfortunately, there were no hippos.. haha..

At the end, Emily thought them the song, “Father Abraham” with actions as well. It was a blast and a great way to end the day.
Monica made jelly and wow, the kids were very disciplined in lining up for the jelly and learnt to say “thank you”!

Thank God for a fruitful and fun time. šŸ™‚ Here are some pictures of the exciting day:

The director of the foundation/children’s home also shared with us that due to the natural disasters around the country (some of the coastal areas and also some countries in Central America are flooded, effect of global warming…), there have been more and more children being sent to the home. They need more facilities and space to take good care of the children too.
She specifically asked for help to seek a donation for a TV. Because too many kids are fighting for the only TV they have in the home.. and as a result, they have been moving the TV up and down. Recently, some of the kids dropped the TV and the frame of the television broke! *Woah…* It’s a miracle it’s still working. Praise God.
Do pray with us for the children and the home.. and for God to supply their needs too. We shd also do our little parts to save energy and keep global warming from deteriorating so fast.. Central America and even Ecuador here in slightly southern america, is being affected badly. Temperatures have been rising.. the sunshine is really burning… the weather is going strange.. and there are more and more floods. Save the earth!!


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