Original Love Songs Lorraine

Lorraine's album cover

Lorraine's album cover

As I have mentioned briefly in an earlier entry, I managed to get connected with my ex-classmates from Hwa Chong and I realised that two of them had cut their own albums. 😀

I remember Lorraine as someone who was very lively in class. She participated actively in college and was one of the lead actresses in the Chinese drama. I knew that she was musical but I did not know that she can sing so well until I listened to some of her songs online recently. I thought it was a brilliant idea that she drawed inspiration from couples and composed love songs. Wedding couples, you can take a look at her website for creative wedding ideas: http://www.weddinginharmony.com/ She will be performing at The Wedding Diary Suntec Convention Hall 404 at 1pm and 7pm on both 28th and 29th March 09. Listen to her live performance if you are free! 8)

She told me that she is preparing her 3rd album now and hopes to release the album in 3rd or 4th quarter this year. You can listen and buy her first 2 albums online here: http://www.lorrainetan.com/ Enjoy listening and support her by buying her CDs if you like her songs. 😀


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