Lonely afternoon

Bevlyn Khoo

Bevlyn Khoo

Lonely afternoon is the name of the album of my other ex-classmate, Bevlyn Khoo. I knew her by her Chinese name, Honglin in Hwa Chong but I think she changed her Chinese name and gave herself an English name after college. She tried to add me in facebook quite some time ago but I could not recognise her name and did not add her until recently. I used to think that she was rather boyish because she was from the NCC (National Cadet Corps). She was fun-loving in class and had a strong personality. It is beyond our imagination that she becomes a singer-songwriter now. 8)

Recently she put some of her songs from her album, lonely afternoon, on her blog. The songs are really nice and I am pleasantly surprised by her beautiful voice. You can listen to her songs in her blog: http://www.bevlynkhoo.com/blog/ She won an award in the Singapore E-award this month for her songs. 😀 Think her album is out in March so keep a lookout for it! 😀


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