On Saturday, we finally got to go to Parque Carolina for our picnic! We’ve announced and tried for a few times to go.. but Quito is known for raining in the afternoons.. so this Saturday was our FIRST TIME! YEAH!

Thank God for the beautiful weather! We had a great time playing soccer and frisbee. The twins played a little basketball too, and Carmen, Andy and Martha also played some volleyball.

Wooh… let me tell you, this is indeed Ecuador. almost all of the girls play football… and they play well! Emily, Carolina, Gabriela, Carina… woah! You should have seen them in action! Emily and Gabby used to be on the same high school football team and now, Gabby, though heavily pregnant, still plays extremely well! Even Don Ramon and Martha, grandfather and mother of Emily, at their ages, played strong with us! They were very agile goal keepers and Martha would have had ran and joined us if not for her ‘slippery’ shoes which kept being kicked out.. hahaha.. it was a funny sight.. she ‘lost’ her shoe quite a few times that day… :p

Two of the kids got a few hard knocks by the football here and there.. but at the end of the day, they were fine and having fun.. πŸ™‚ The three little girls also got to catch Barney who was ‘giving away’ bottles of bubble-water. (They actually cost $1 each.. hehehe) They really had fun blowing bubbles.. πŸ˜€

Timothy was a little frustrated as quite a few of his goals were disqualified for being “too strong” or “too high”… haha… and it was funny watching Luis pull Timothy by the shirt or by the hand.. in order to prevent him from getting the ball. My husband now probably has a reputation for strong legs and powerful shots.. πŸ˜€
Oh yes, I joined in the fun too, of course.. got some tips from ST on how to be a better defender.. haha..

Catch some of the action here with our photos!



  1. Yeah.. we were physically exhausted after the afternoon.. haha.. some of the sisters also commented that they were having aches in the legs.. Luis was sooo tired he couldn’t sleep at night.. hahaha.. but we had lots of fun! πŸ™‚

    Wish you guys were here too!

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