Pray with us

We are currently looking for a bigger place for our church services and one of our regular visitors has offered to rent us her place which is about 300 metres squares. PR and I have looked at the place last Sunday and we were pleased with the centralized location and rental price. We estimated that this place can take in about 100 people in the future. Apparently, this sister who wanted to rent us the place had lowered the price so that she can bless us. We were very surprised by the price she offered to us. 🙂 If the people in church continue to give their tithes and offerings faithfully, we should be self-sufficient and be able to pay the rent comfortably. 8)

We have asked Luis and Carol to look at the place with us tomorrow afternoon to give us a second opinion. Do pray with us that God will give us wisdom in making the decision whether to rent the place as you read this entry. This will be another milestone for the church if it is God’s will for us to rent this place. We are excited to see more people joining us in a bigger place as our church service is full now. We also look forward to design and decorate the church with the rest of the brothers and sisters. Good time to involve everybody in building our own home! 🙂


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