More chinese classes

Someone from Inlingua showed me the advertisement on Chinese classes and gave me a copy of the newspaper. I was surprised that Inlingua also put up banners on the Chinese classes to get more people to sign up. 🙂 I was told that many people were interested in the classes and called up to ask about details on signing up the classes. Think I may be opening another class in mid-April. At the moment, I am the only teacher in Inlingua that teaches Chinese. PR might have to teach in the future too because there are people interested in both one-to-one and group classes. 8)

Here’s a quiz for you:
Can you understand the message of the ad (especially for spanish speakers and readers)? I mean the chinese looking characters… :p

P.S. They mean “Abrimos nuestros cursos de Mandarin” which means “We opened our Mandarin courses” in spanish. Haha.. initially, we couldn’t understand the message as we were trying to decode it in Chinese characters.. we even told the Inlingua personnel that these are not really understand-able Chinese characters and we were really confused when he said it was in spanish…. hahahaha….
Apparently most of the Ecuadorians understood the ad. 😀 Our Spanish teacher read the ad immediately. 😀


  1. Whow.. you’re officially known in Quito now as a chinese teacher (with inlingua)! Just don’t jump ship when another institute offers you something better… ;P

  2. Thank God for more teaching opportunities! Yeah, here in Chile, there are more people who wants to learn Chinese as well! Haha, can’t imagine myself teaching Chinese, but I am…so funny! Jiayou in your work and ministry! Really encouraged to see how God is using you and PR in Quito! Let us jiayou together! Muchas bendiciones.

  3. Hi Timothy,

    Well, yes I understood the message also at the first sight 😉 I am glad you are having more opportunities there.

    Congratulations. Un abrazo

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