Online fellowship

We had our first online fellowship with Peru and Chile team through Skype yesterday night. 🙂 There were 9 of us – Teck Keong, Siew Yee, Keng Suan, Ee Lee, Jiexian, Shawn, Christine, Peiru and I. The communication was rather chaotic over the 3 way tele-conference but it was surely fun. 8)

We had a glimpse of Chile team’s house through video conference while waiting for Peru team to come online yesterday. We also showed them around our room using the webcam. When Peru team came online, we changed our communication to tele-conferencing because we could not have 3 way video-conferencing. We shared about our lives, from cooking, the kinds of spanish spoken in each country, whether we lose or gain weight, how we teach English and Chinese, to spiritual topics like how we run ministry in our church. It was good to hear from everybody. 🙂

After the 3 way tele-conferencing through Skype, we emailed one another teaching resources we had. TK and I emailed our membership class notes in Spanish to Chile team so that they do not have to do from scratch. It is good to share teaching materials as it certainly increases efficiency. We may be able to share sermons in the future too. As we share good ideas and various resources, I am sure our church will grow in quality. 🙂 Meanwhile, let’s continue to keep in touch through our monthly online fellowship, emails and blogs. 8)


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