Songs and Friendship at Fundación Remar

The month of February – a month to celebrate Love and Friendship! 🙂

The past Saturday, we went to Fundación Remar for our monthly visit. Thank God for Monica who gave us different suggestions how we can improve on our lessons there so as to teach the children better values. 🙂 She also arrived early at our house to help learn the song and write the lyrics! (A breakthrough for her, as she has a habit of being late which she really wants to change. 🙂 ) Thank God for Katty who is always faithful in helping us out, be it church service or with Remar. 🙂 A joyful sister we really appreciate in our team! Thank God for Luis, who despite being busy in the morning, rushed down to join us and help us! Thank God for Jennifer, a new friend and visitor to our church, who rushed down after her work to join us. Though she couldn’t participate much, we really appreciate her effort! 🙂

We had a fun time with the kids. We played an ice-breaker where the children were to affirm each other by saying a good characteristic of someone in the room. We revised the song “Hi, my name is Juan!” with all the actions, and also learnt how to say “He/She is my friend. We are friends.” and sang a song “Friends, friends 1-2-3!” and ended up hugging each other alot.. hee.. The kids are really affectionate and love to hug.

After that was a time of art and craft. The kids were to make and design a card for a friend in the room to celebrate Friendship Month, and also affirm each other. All of them love handicraft… the room was silent and orderly when the kids were hard at work. 🙂 It was heartwarming to see them putting in effort to make beautiful and meaningful cards for each other. They also put much thought into writing the messages of love! With help from the uncles and aunts (us) as they are not very good at writing yet. 🙂

A little boy Kevin, gave his card to Timothy. A girl Paula made her card in 2 parts and gave one to Monica, one to me. I drew her a card and wrote to her, that she is sweet and obedient and a great friend to have. I could almost see tears in her eyes when she received the card. It made me realize once again the power of affirmation and love. It was a fruitful session. These are kids who lack love in their lives… Their parents are not often with them and some of them may feel neglected and unloved or even unworthy of love. I think this was one of the most heart-warming sessions we’ve had with them. For once, despite my poor language, I felt we were making a difference with these 2 hours per month.

God, help us to make every session a fruitful and love-filled one. These children need you! Help us to bring them to you because you never reject them. Help us to help them experience your ever-lasting love and teach them to trust in you!


One comment

  1. Gracias a Dios por un buen momento con los niños, estoy convencida que al depender más de Dios, Él pondrá en nosotros mejores ideas y más amor para transmitirlo a los niños de la Fundación.
    Gracias a Dios por todas las personas que hacen un esfuerzo por asistir cada sábado al mes!
    Gracias a Dios que podemos ayudar también.
    Wow! para mí es gratificante ver la obra de Dios en Moni, creo que ella está más comprometida ahora! para gloria de Dios! 🙂

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