Pizza Treat.. :)

After a long but satisfying weekend, ST and I went to Ch’Farina to have pizza… we ordered a mediana size Hawayana pizza at a discounted price. hehe.. The Hawayana pizza is delicious there! It’s different from the Hawaiian we have in SG… Here in Ch’Farina, the hawayana pizza comes with pineapple, papaya and peach toppings. No ham! :p But it’s yummy and healthy (ok.. so we like to think… )

Everytime we go Ch’Farina, there’s a quiz by Diners Club that you can do on the paper table-mat. We did up the Sudoku and Sopa de Letras before our main dish (the pizza) came… and won 4 pieces of garlic bread.. heeheehee… 🙂

It’s important, satisfying and definitely a great joy to win souls… but it’s also fun, exciting and enjoyable to win quizzes and garlic bread… haha..


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