New believer! :)

We started our church service in March with a bang with one new believer and one re-dedication to God! 🙂

After the P&W this morning, I was about to do a short sharing before the Holy Communion and suddenly I saw a hand raised and a brother walked up to share that he wanted to re-dedicate himself to God again. I was not sure but maybe God spoke to him during the P&W. He also shared that whatever problems there are, God has a way for His people. It was amazing to see how God moved because I was going to preach a sermon on how to make the most out of problems in our lives after that. God planned everything so perfectly. This brother’s name is John A. and this was the first time he came to church this year. He brought another friend whose name is John as well. 8)

Our chairperson, Luis, volunteered to pray for John A. at the end of the service that he will follow God wholeheartedly. He was very touched and got his 7 year old daughter to be prayed together. After the service, we shared Christ to his friend, John E. and he received Christ! 🙂 John E. was very emotional and wept after saying the sinner’s prayer with us, and he hugged each of us. We were very touched by his sincerity. Now we have 2 Johns in our church. 8)

Many of us went to play table tennis together after service. It was a good time of fellowship and our Johns joined us too. They invited 2 more new friends to play table tennis with us. Starbursting takes place quite fast over here. The people in our church seem to like playing table tennis very much. PR and I won our mixed double matches and we are proud to say that we are almost unbeatable when we play together. We were tired by the end of the evening but it was a very fruitful day. 🙂


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  1. God bless you and I hope you guys are having a good time in Ecuador. This is such a diverse and peaceful country. The weather, the colonial cities and the people are just fantastic.

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