PR and I visited a number of families over the past few days as we had a long weekend of vacation (Saturday to Tuesday!) due to the festival Carnaval. All the visitations were very fruitful and we thank God for what He is doing in our church. πŸ™‚

Last Sat, we had lunch with the young professionals in our church after service and watched a movie together in the cinema. It was PR’s and my first movie in Spanish without subtitles and we were glad to understand most of it. It was Jim Carrey’s comedy called “Si Senor”. We enjoyed the movie and had a good laugh. πŸ™‚ After the movie, we had coffee together and shared about different topics like finances, relationships and work.

On Sunday, we visited Lenin’s family and had some quality time together. PR played with Lenin’s daughter while I taught his son guitar. We watched some P&W DVDs together after that. At night, we discussed some family issues and how they can grow in God as a family. We talked until midnight and Lenin sent us home after that. πŸ™‚

On Monday, we took a 2.5 hr bus journey to Latacunga and it was an adventure for PR and myself. There was a robber in the bus and he pointed a knife to someone behind me to get a handphone. We only knew about it when the robber got off the bus and the girl behind us shouted. Everyone in the bus was shocked and many of them tried to console the girl who was crying. It was our first time seeing this sort of things happening so near to us. Thank God for His protection in our lives. The rest of our trip was quite smooth and we spent some time with Beto, Rosa, Katty and Nilda in their house. They brought us around Latacunga and we visited Nilda’s handicraft shop too. We bought some things from her shop.
We also experienced a little of Carnaval (which is like Water-Splashing Festival, they splash water which might or might not be clean and spray foam, sometimes even eggs and flour!) Peiru, Beto and Katty got sprayed with foam by strangers in cars or trucks along the street. It was an interesting experience for Peiru because it was the first time… but generally, the people don’t like it because you can get real dirty suddenly when you are well-dressed for work or something. Imagine smelling like a fish because you were splashed with dirty water! or thrown with eggs! And these surprises can come from everywhere – people travelling in cars, people hiding on terraces, people from across the street, from within shops… It can also be dangerous because something they throw balloons of water at you, like water bombs right in your face. Could break your specs or cause an accident if they were thrown at cars along the road. That’s why they’ve banned the ‘throwing’ in Quito.. so there are not much Carnaval celebrations in Quito. Apparently in Latacunga, people can splash water and stuff at you for the entire February! It’s a dangerous season to go out on the streets…!
At night, we had video conference with their daughter, Betty who is in United States now. Betty is the first member of our church and she brought her whole family to church after that. We spoke to her for about 1-2 hrs and we stayed over in their house because it was too late at night. 8)

On Tuesday, after returning to Quito, Santiago’s family visited us and we cooked lunch for them. It was a time of getting to know one another. His children are very cute, one 3 yr old boy and one 9 mths old baby girl, and we love their presence too. We also discussed about different issues in church and they gave suggestions on how the atmosphere in church can be improved. They also said that they will play their part by being more punctual for Sunday services. It was good to hear their thoughts and feelings towards the church. πŸ™‚

All the visitations have brought us closer to the young professionals and families in church. We enjoyed the time spent together and I believe God is using us to bring His love and truth to the people. We look forward to other visitations in the near future. πŸ™‚



  1. wow ST, think this is the longest entry you have ever written? hee..Have grown in blogging longer posts :p

    yep, thank God for the protection. Also glad to hear so many happenings going well. Jiayou and will continue to keep the Ecuadorian church in prayers =)

  2. Not sure, never did word count before… the ministry here is so exciting. I do not know whether I can adjust to the lifestyle and ministry in Singapore in the future. πŸ™‚

  3. whew… looks like it was a good weekend well spent! πŸ™‚ it’s really great to see you guys bonding with the families and the ‘chicos’.. they are really a warm bunch. they just need direction and help sometimes.

    (p/s: see? it’s better not to carry fancy cellphones in Ecuador! fortunately the robber only wanted the cellphone. with the economic downturn it’s prudent to be prepared for more crimes and delinquencies like these).

  4. I am glad you are enjoying the ministry in Ecuador. Carnaval it is not that nice but I think other experiences you have had there are much much better πŸ˜€

    Thank you for sharing your experiences, it is really very encouraging all the work you have been doing for our Church.

    Un abrazo

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