Reading in cafe

PR and I had a free day this week and we spent a few hours doing something we love to do in common – reading. 🙂

We spent some time shopping in the afternoon and after that found a cozy cafe to have a drink and do our reading. The sofa was comfortable and the scenery from the window was beautiful. PR sipped her coffee as she read a book sent by her friend from Singapore. I took out the 3 books I brought – 2 in English and 1 in Spanish. I started reading the Spanish book given by a brother in church. The book is about bringing out the best in us and it was an interesting read. I read a few chapters and I was glad to be able to understand most of the Spanish in the book. After that, I read the other 2 books, one on breakthrough prayers and the other one on marriage counseling. PR and I had a good time reading and enjoying the tranquil atmosphere in the cafe. 8)

It was a long time since we spent some time reading. We felt nourished in our mind and spirit after receiving insights from the books we read. It is important to learn and develop ourselves by interacting with people who have more experiences than us through books. It is also good to feed ourselves even as we give to our people in church. Hope that we have more of such experiences in the near future. 🙂


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  1. wow.. thats sounds like a very good time of relax.. recently mi n jeremy also had a mini retreat.. we booked ourselves into a chalet and spend our day relaxing.. ha ha.. we also had some fun at Wild Wild Wet.. to mi, it was a break that i really needed in the midst of the crazy time table in school..

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