Quality life

PR and I have been enjoying quality life in Ecuador. 🙂

Though we earn less over here, we are having more time for each other and the church. There are plenty of new learning experiences, from cooking, Pilates, teaching English and Chinese to professionals, speaking Spanish, preaching, going around in Quito etc. All these would be difficult if we had chosen to stay in Singapore. However, I have to admit that it is very comfortable to live in Singapore with our house, car and parents living nearby. Over here, we learn to live beyond our comfortable lifestyle and convenience. We have surely grown holistically as a person. Thank God for the change. 🙂

We have also experienced God more. With a slower paced environment and more time spent with God, I can listen to Him more clearly. I spent more time reading the bible and preparing teachings/sermons too. All these deepen my understanding of God’ word. Ministry is intensive but manageable because we have a good core team with us. We only teach English/Chinese a few hours each day so we have plenty of time to spend with God and His people. Building relationship is easier when everything is slower and more spaced out. More time is spent talking and understanding people here. PR and I are experiencing a stronger and more intimate marriage with more time for each other. 8)


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