pR’s first haircut in Ec!

Today, ST and I went to Rory’s Salon (recommended by WP) to get our hair cut. It’s my first time cutting my hair in Ecuador!

A new experience, and a ‘breakthrough’ haha… considering my mum is a hairdresser and I’ve never really gotten my hair cut by someone else besides her!
It’s a little costly and they don’t cut as nice and with as much love and care as my mum… but I like my new look. It’s lighter and gives my hair more shape and volume… πŸ™‚ Haven’t cut my hair for a loong time.

One ‘accident’ though… We didn’t know we were supposed to give the hairdresser a tip.. yikes.. I feel quite guilty because he did quite a good job and he was quite friendly… He kind of waited after the hair cut, then followed us to the cashier.. sheesh.. I was wondering but really didn’t know how much to give too.. No wonder he looked a little sad/disappointed.. shucks. Think I’ll give a better tip the next time I go.. :p If he still is willing to serve me…

See who looks better! πŸ™‚



  1. Nice haircut you two! Btw, are you very sure that tips are expected? In our 5 years there, we haven’t heard of such practice! πŸ™‚

  2. Thanks! Haha.. yeah.. yesterday we asked Katty and she said that in some salons yes. Today we asked Esthela and she goes to Rory too, so she said no, we don’t have to give tips and they earn half of what we pay.

    Hmm.. so perhaps the hairdresser was hoping that we would give but it’s ok if we don’t? :p Maybe they hope that foreigners will be more generous. haha.. anyway.. yeah, now I don’t feel so guilty. wahahha..

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