Recent Learnings and coming Valentine’s events

1) Yesterday during service, ST and I began/tried for the first time to prophesy in Spanish. We each shared a verse that God spoke to us and at the end, I led the prayer of response as a closure to the Praise and Worship. This is a breakthrough for us personally and a challenge too. It’s kind of difficult enough to pray (in spanish i mean)and even more so, prophesy in correct grammatical spanish. It is afterall God’s message and we do not want to distort it or cause misunderstandings.. but thinking on the other hand, it’s God’s word and He will also not let his word go out in vain. So help us Lord to be courageous and use us as your humble vessels and put the right words in our mouths! πŸ™‚

We hope to create an environment that moves in the Spirit more so that people can experience God’s tangible presence in a greater measure. Now that quite a number of the members are baptised in the Spirit, this will also help them to experience the power of the Holy Spirit more, and grow more in their walk with God! Pray with us!

2) We have also recently, started counselling a married couple. They have an unhappy history and now things have changed for the better. However, they still have a huge difficulty communicating properly with each other and sorting out their issues and feelings. Part and parcel of growing up and learning from Christ yah? It has been an interesting learning experience.. we got to know them better, individually and also as a couple and as a family. πŸ™‚ Also learning to put into practice what we learnt about conflict management, love, and marriage.
For us personally too, I think we’ve learnt to appreciate each other much more. Following and focusing on God has helped us greatly in our personal walk with God and our marriage. I’m very thankful that I have a husband who loves God, who is humble to learn and grow, who listens to me, who reasons with me, who encourages me, who doesn’t use ugly words with me, who shares in my housework… and of course, is handsome, as so he claims and everybody agrees… (hahahahaha…!)

On top of the normal challenges of counselling, the spanish aspect makes it even more challenging… we need to listen well.. get the facts correct, choose our words wisely and carefully and objectively… and make sure we don’t cause misunderstanding.. and use verses in spanish! wooah… hahaha.. Thank God for His amazing help so far. πŸ™‚ May the Lord continue to guide and anoint us!

Upcoming Events:
1) Valentine’s Outreach BBQ this Saturday!
– Pray for good weather!
– Pray for members to invite friends to come join us! Pray for friends to be able to come!
– Pray for friends to feel at home and be curious about our group and God!
– Pray for the food, the preparations, the games… πŸ™‚

2) Valentine’s Special Service this Sunday
We are doing something extremely different.. hehe.. ST will not be preaching! wooo…. ~
We will be showing a video sermon by Joshua Harris (author of “I Kissed Dating Goodbye”) on What is True Love? We are also going to have a testimony by Luis and Carol on how God has changed their lives and marriage. πŸ™‚ We have also been playing “Amigo Secreto” (“Secret Pal”) for the past 2 weeks and we will be revealing who our amigo secreto is this coming Sunday… jejee.. pray that this has been a fun game for the people and they have felt and been blessed along the process by the family of God!
– Pray for more friends and visitors!
– Pray for the video to speak to the hearts of all who come, especially non-Christians. Pray for people to commit to God and find true love in Him.
– Pray for Luis and Carol as they share the testimony.
– Pray for the whole program to be spirit-led and for pple to experience God’s presence. (Praise and Worship, Games, Video sermon, Testimony, Communion, Friendship, Offering and Announcements..)
– Pray for all who are helping in the program!


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