Interesting job



I got a call last week to do some printing of Chinese characters for a petroleum company. It was quite vague over the phone and when I arrived at the company, they told me that they wanted to print some Chinese characters on their company brochure (because this petroleum company is based in China). They asked me whether I was an artist/painter and whether I could paint the Chinese characters.

I almost freaked out but God gave me an idea to print the Chinese characters rather than painting them. 🙂 I downloaded a Chinese software and some artistic fonts from the internet in the company, and showed them a sample of the Chinese characters (above). They seemed rather pleased with the artistic fonts and said that I could proceed to print the other Chinese characters. They said they could scan the Chinese characters and put them on the brochure. 🙂

It was my first time doing such printing jobs and thank God that He delivered me from embarrassment to paint the Chinese characters. I learnt Chinese Calligraphy for a few years in secondary school but I do not think it is good enough to be on a company brochure. Thank God for technology and wisdom to finish the job. 8)


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