Bringing laoban to chinese church

I received a phone call from Laoban niang (老板娘) on last Saturday night that Laoban (老板) was going to visit a Chinese church on Sunday morning and she asked me whether I could go together. I was surprised by the phone call and glad that Laoban wanted to go to church, so I agreed immediately. 🙂

I woke up at 7am on Sunday and accompanied laoban to church. The service started at 830am and we arrived early. It is a Chinese Methodist Church with about 30-40 people. There were quite many people who came from the same town in China as Laoban in this church. I sat with him and explained to him the meaning of the songs and the sermon. The sermon was from the book of Ruth and it was quite difficult for laoban to understand. I explained to laoban the context of the book at various points. He seemed open to know more about God and receptive to understand the bible more.

At the end of the service, we got to meet the pastor and he invited me to preach in his church. He also asked me to bring Laoban more often to their church. After that, I rushed off to my own church to prepare the P&W. In the taxi, I was thinking that China could be my next destination of church planting. Seems that God is opening door for me to visit different Chinese churches in Quito and God has given me a rather good command of the Chinese language. I will pray about it. 8)


One comment

  1. It’s good that you can put your Chinese into good use (in terms of tent-making and sharing God’s Word) for the Lord, bro!

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