New start at Remar!

On Saturday, we went to Fundación Remar for our monthly classes. 🙂

It was the first time we were back after Christmas and after Josh and Hannah left. We had to answer quite a lot of questions again about where they were.. hehe.. the children miss you guys!! “¿Dónde estan los otros tios?” “Al otro lado del mundo y les extrañan mucho también!”

Katty, Emily and I had worked together to plan for our Remar program 2009. We have decided to try to separate the kids into groups according to ages and have one volunteer to take care of a group each. We also introduced some new rules such as “When the bell rings, pay attention!”, “Listen to the uncles and aunties!” and “Earn a star for your group when you are obedient, pay attention and answer questions correctly!” We started a new star system so that the kids have more incentive and motivation to pay attention and participate in class. (Something I took back from Hope Kids service in SG.. hope it’ll work!) We are also trying some new things such as integrating the english lessons with the lessons about values so that throughout the entire session, the kids learn both the value and the english phrase.

Some evaluations:
1) The star system seemed to work.. but we need to teach the children to share their prizes with the whole group!
2) We could try grouping NOT according to ages, and get the older children to teach and get the younger children to participate… ? Our problem now is that the older children will obviously answer all the questions and win at the end of the day!
How do we manage a class with children of such a huge age difference (from 2 yrs old to 11 yrs old)? Hong Teck! Help! haha..
3) We incorporated a song to get children to practice the english phrase they learnt. (This week, we learnt the song/chant “Hi, my name is Juan!” This was quite fun.. with actions. 🙂
4) Children do not listen well when they are doing work. One thing at a time! We should do all the activities and hand out the crayons ONLY when they need to do work.
5) Children need alot of attention…. They like sticking around with the older uncles and aunties.. 🙂 We need more consistent volunteers…!

Pray with us:
1) Wisdom in planning and teaching the children. (We need to find out more about the foundation and the needs of the children too!)
2) Good classroom management.
3) Creative ideas!
5) Children will have fun and learn at the same time.
6) We will be a source of help and love for the children.

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  1. Whow.. you guys have a new classroom! It looks so much cosier and cleaner! And I think the ‘star’ reward system is a really cool tool! I think it’s great that you’re experimenting new workable ideas. 🙂 Saludos a los niños de parte de mi esposa y yo!

  2. Joshua, the “new classroom” is actually the director’s office. haha.. The previous classroom we were using is being used to keep some things that are out of bounds to the kids, and there was another group using the other classroom so we ended up in the office. It’s nice and cosy I agree, but not enough chairs for the children. 🙂

    Yeah, our new tools need to be improved to have better classroom mgmt… haha.. 🙂 Let us know if you have any suggestions! 😀

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