Twins’ Birthday Celebration

Last Saturday, we went to Carapungo, Emily’s house to celebrate the twins’ birthday.. which is very near to Martha (Emily’s mum)’s birthday. So all three celebrated together, but it was really more of a kids’ celebration of course.. haha..

It was the first time we attended a kids’ birthday party (For me, first time in my entire life, even in SG I’ve never been to one!) and it was quite fun and interesting. The house was well decorated with many Minnie Mice (The invitation was a Minnie Mouse too) and confetti and balloons. The cake was huge, and there were many games – A race where the kids use their mouths to hold a spoon and balance the egg, musical chairs, dance game (of course, it’s Ecuador….) and the final Piñata which is really chaotic.

The Piñata is a box (in this case, shaped as a Minnie) and is filled with sweets and little toys. There are strings at the bottom of the box and when the kids tug/pull on the string, the box opens and all the confetti and sweets and toys fall to the ground and it’s a GRAB-AS-MANY-AS-YOU-CAN fight for all. hahaha.. VERY CHAOTIC… after that they played with the confetti on the floor and the whole place was littered with confetti!!

Daniela, the grand-daughter of Carmen, a visitor to our church, was very sweet. She kept giving me the toys and sweets that she won and told me that “What I give you is yours”, even though I wanted to give the sweets back to her. 🙂 The children are very cariñosos (affectionate), though I do not know most of them very well, they dragged me along to play with them and we had lots of fun – them hitting me with balloons and me tickling them back in return. Woah… very tiring to play with kids.. they are full of energy!

At the end of the party, each kid was given a goody-bag to take home. It’s a hand-made Minnie Mouse truck made of carton, and filled with toys and candies. They had extra so Emily gave Tim and I one each. We in turn gave the sweets and one of the carriages to our Pilates instructor and Spanish teacher as they have children who would appreciate them more. 🙂 We kept one of the carriages and we’re using it as a pencil holder now. 🙂

Here are some pictures of the tiring but fun day:


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