Happy CNY!

Happy Chinese New Year to all! 🙂

Chinese New Year is rather quiet here in Ecuador and there are not much celebrations. There are quite alot of chifas (chinese restaurants) but no official Chinatown or even a street of Chinese.. they are everywhere so there’s no consolidated celebration.

On Sunday after service, we had our own mini-reunion dinner with Laoban and Laoban niang. They actually closed shop at 3.30pm to wait for us! We were very touched because this hardworking couple has never closed shop even for vacations before! This year, they decided to close shop and celebrate with us for the night! 🙂

We brought our rice-cooker there to use as a steamboat, and shared our bak kwa (bbq meat), pineapple tarts, shrimp paste rolls and pork floss with them. They provided the ingredients for the steamboat – alot of seafood! Crabs, prawns, octopus, vegetables, toufu.. and also steamed fish and deep-fried fish! Yummy!
It was a good time of sharing too. Lao ban actually invited ST to go visit a chinese church with him! What an opportunity! 🙂

That night, after returning home, we also video-conferenced with our families in SG. Held a 3-way conference with ST’s parents and elder brother. We also video-conferenced for the first time with PR’s grandma! Monday night, we also spoke to the Peru team and wished each other happy CNY on MSN video-conference.. haha..

每逢佳节倍思亲 “Mei feng jia jie bei si qin”.. hehe.. CNY makes me miss home more, especially because it’s a quiet season here. But thank God for good friends, the internet for connecting home, and also for the goodies that our SG friends sent over. Tim loves the cashewnutz.. I love the pineapple tarts and shrimp paste rolls.. and we both love the bbq pork and pork floss.. (And so do laoban and laobanniang!)

Here’s wishing all of you in SG, as well as all our Hope companions, and family and friends all around the world, a wonderful, prosperous, joy-filled new year of the Bull! Enjoy the time with your family and friends!


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  1. Whow! Hannah and I miss laoban and laoban niang’s food so much! Really after being fed by them for the past 5.5 years… we’re so used to the food.. and cooked with love some more! 🙂 And even laoban asked Tim to accompany him to a mandarin church service! (hehehe.. I feel to envious!) Send our regards to them! God is with you, bro and sis.

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