The gigantic moth

This was the first time PR and I saw such a big moth in our lives. It was black and slightly bigger than my palm. I think it was around 25cm or more from wing to wing… We were shocked by it when it was flying around in our house. (There are very little ants and no cockcroaches in the houses in Quito so we seldom see insects actually…This is indeed a shock. hehe) Finally, it stopped flying and rested on a towel in the kitchen. We were glad and quickly closed the door of the kitchen.

After that, we went out to buy groceries and bought pesticide at the same time. The first thing we did when we reached home was to check the location of the moth again. We opened the kitchen door slightly and saw the moth resting on a box in the kitchen. We were rather afraid but I went into the kitchen anyway with the pesticide. PR went to take the camera to capture the moment.

I sprayed at the moth for the first time and we were surprised that there was not much effect. We waited for a while as we spied on it. It shifted itself on the box uncomfortably, up and down… I went in for the second time and took aim again. This time I sprayed directly at the moth and it was a long spray. It flew out of the window and we believed that it was afraid of the smell. Thank God that it was out of our house. Hopefully this is the last time we are going to see any moths in our house. 🙂


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