Mandarin lessons starting in Feb!

Yesterday I went to Inlingua Language Institute to discuss about the new Mandarin lessons starting in Feb. It is exciting because this is the first time the language institute is offering Chinese courses. 8) They asked me to look through some of their Chinese teaching materials and we discussed how long it will take for the beginners’ class. We agreed that this pilot project will last for 2 months and we will launch more Chinese classes if it is successful. I will be teaching on Monday and Thursday, twice a week.

Pray for this pilot project to be a success. The pay for teaching Chinese is higher than teaching English and it will be financial blessing for us. PR said that she can teach basic Chinese too if there are more students interested to learn Chinese in the future, while I can teach the higher level students. Meanwhile, both of us are still teaching English in the language institute. Sometimes we go to companies to teach English. 🙂

It has been interesting for us so far as we have different kinds of students. There are some high level managers whom we have to teach and sometimes it can be quite an eye-opener to talk to these people. It really increases my exposure as a teacher because I only got to teach secondary school kids in the past in Singapore. Now I have to watch the way I dress and speak proper English. There was once a country manager invited me to listen to his presentation in a hotel and I was supposed to give comments after that to help him improve his English. Before this presentation, I was teaching him about presentation skills. It was something new for me too. I was reading up more about presentation skills before teaching him. All these teaching experiences were unique and memorable, surely good learning experiences too. Thank God for the opportunities to learn while teaching! 🙂


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