Regarding Black-out in Quito

Hmm.. now we know the reason for the black out!

Luis explained to us that a lightning struck one of the main electrical plants in Ecuador, that processes the electricity that Ecuador buys from Columbia! There are other plants in each province, but this is one of the main ones that conducts electricity to the other smaller plants in the provinces. As such, the black-out was a huge one! I think about 13 provinces were without electricity that night! Woah! That’s serious! I wonder whether Guayaquil was affected and whether the planes could land there that night… If not, where do they go??

I would like to learn of these Ecuadorian national news and current affairs more…one of my new year resolutions is to start reading Ecuadorian newspapers in spanish! Yesterday, ST and I watched one of a set of three videos we bought from the Christian bookstore. It’s Joshua Harris’ “I Kissed Dating Goodbye” made into a video and it’s the spanish version. I was rather glad that I could understand most of it.. 🙂 Thank God for the progress.. But I think there’s definitely much more to improve. The language of newspapers is more formal and there are much more themes with jargon/vocab that I’m not sure of. But I do hope to improve quickly! I told my Spanish teacher that I hope to be able to translate english-spanish on the fly, simultaneously by the end of the year! God help me! 🙂


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