Candlelight Dinner – Blackout

Yesterday was a first-time experience for ST and me. The whole of Quito blacked out!

The first black out happened around 5.30pm. Initially, we thought it may be a short circuit in our house because the lights in the corridor and the lift were still working. Then we met a neighbour who opened her door to check too and realized that it was not just us. Just then Luis arrived to practice the sermon with ST and he told us that it was the whole building because the lobby was dark with no electricity too. Our lift and corridor lights were functioning on a safety generator. We waited for the lights to come on but as it got darker at 6+ and there were still no lights, we took out the candles. ST and Luis practiced with the remaining skylight and 2 candles. I decided to start cooking with a candle for light, in the kitchen. I had to use the candle to light the stove as the electric spark wasn’t working. After a while, Luis received a call from home and his son said that there was no electricity in their area too! And then we realized it was likely the whole of Quito. We looked out of the window and saw traffic becoming congested at some of the roads.. Oh no! There were no street lamps and the traffic lights weren’t functioning! Sheesh… ¿Qué paso?

At about 6.45pm, the lights came back on and we thought it was over. ST went to the gym, I finished up my cooking. When ST came back, we switched on the TV and began eating dinner… Suddenly….. *Poof!* went the TV and all the lights in our house. It was 8.30 and quite dark. As we looked out of the window, it was obvious it was the whole Quito this time round. No lights in the street at all, except that of car headlamps. Even in the distance, there were no lights for the airport! An airplane flew above and did not land for the lack of light. And traffic began to go a little mad again for the lack of traffic lights.. we were worried for the drivers.. but both ST and I can assure you, though it seems that traffic in Quito is quite crazy, the drivers are actually quite good… perhaps because of the crazy roads and rules and pple jaywalking here and there, they learnt to be careful. We have seen less accidents happen here than we see in Singapore.

So there was nothing much to do and…No hay nada que podamos hacer… ST and I ate candlelight dinner. 🙂 And we spent the time just talking to each other and discussing the day’s happening and the black-out and how we feel here in Ecuador so far. It was a fruitful talk.. haha.. with absolutely zero distractions. 🙂 ¡Que romantico!

At 10.30, just when we were about to give up waiting and go to bed, the lights came back on! 🙂 Thank God! But we went to bed early anyway. Hadn’t slept that early in a loooong time. Thank God for the chance to rest because I’ve been having 7am classes and I’m not too used to the schedule yet.
What an experience.

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