Our internet is working fine!

Thank God for helping us to resolve our internet instability! πŸ™‚

For the past 2-3 weeks, our internet service was unstable. Every 2 to 3 minutes, the modem would reset itself. It was frustrating because sometimes we had to surf, or do bank transactions or search for resources online and we couldn’t. Halfway through, the connection would break and we would have to start all over again. Checking emails and browsing photos became frustrating and even blogging too!

We called the internet service provider numerous times to try to resolve it. First you hear recorded voice messages directing you to “press 1 for ….., press 2 for……, press 3 for ……” and after selecting your option, you almost always get a “our operators are busy at the moment….please wait while we connect your call….” so you wait for like 5 or even more minutes… and you get the main operator. Try to speak in whatever spanish we have, and get our message across and then they transfer you to the technical department! For quite a few times, while waiting for the technical department, my line was dropped! And I had to start all over again! (Same as the internet service huh…)

Haha.. We called almost EVERYDAY for 2 weeks. The first week, they ask for our account number and told us to try waiting till the afternoon or till the next day while they try to check their backend equipment. Didn’t work. Continued calling to explain that the problem was not resolved. They asked for our modem serial number and we waited. Still no resolution. Our coreteam told us to try disconnecting everything to let the modem “rest”. Tried that for one day. Nope. Still the same. Finally we called again and got through on Friday and told them that we had already called many times and it had remained the same for more than a week. A nice operator told me they’d arrange a technician to come and check out equipment on Saturday, the next day. I arranged with him, Santiago, for the appointment to be at 3.

We waited.. Saturday 3pm.. looking forward to getting our internet back. 4 pm and the person still didn’t turn up. *Ring Ring*… explained in my kind of spanish that the technician did not turn up, tried to sound frustrated. The guy on the phone told me that the system doesn’t say what date my appointment is.. that’s strange! I gave him a “HUH?!” and later he told me that the guy would be coming in the next 30 minutes… After putting down the phone, I realized something even stranger…! He did not even ask me for my account number.. did he really know who he was talking to?? *hai* oh well, no one turned up that day.

Monday, frustrated again by our internet instability, we decided to call again. A lady told me that my appointment was scheduled for Monday, that very day, between 2 – 5pm. I wondered, “Was there a change?” “??????” “My spanish isn’t wonderful, but I think I understood what the other guys said?” Oh well, as long as the internet gets fixed!!

The guy arrives in the afternoon.. and changes our modem completely! In fact, he didn’t even recognize our Motorola modem and asked if we had another ‘box’ somewhere else.. but we told him, THAT’s the modem. Turns out our modem is about 5 years old so perhaps it’s an old model. But the reason why it wasn’t functioning was because there was a clone in the modem serial number. (This information was printed on the service sheet that the technician brought with him.) As in somewhere out there in Ecuador/Quito, there is someone else with another modem with the same serial number, so our lines clashed. More question marks in my head.. How can there be a clone? Old and new modem perhaps? Well.. if they had my modem serial number and they knew it was a clone, shouldn’t they send someone to change the modem earlier?

Questions unanswered.. but THANK GOD our internet is working fine now! πŸ™‚ We can now go on Skype properly, speak to our parents and all without worrying about a broken connection! *Celebrate, Jesus, celebrate!*



  1. Wow Andrew, your comment came very fast! πŸ™‚ Seconds after I published? hehehe.. Thanks for being a regular reader and encourager!

    Yes, I agree… Thank God for the Internet! πŸ™‚ Makes us a little closer to home!

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