Chinese Opera in Ecuador

Yesterday after service, Luis, Carol, Daniel, Mateo, Peiru and I went to Centro Historico because Mateo wanted to buy some small toys that he can in turn sell to his classmates in school (how business minded! 🙂 ). However, when we reached Centro Historico about 4pm, most of the shops were closed already.

In the end, we had lunch together and walked around the area. It was amazing that we saw this Chinese Opera advertisement at this music theatre and a long queue. The opera costs only $1! But all tickets were sold out. By God’s amazing grace, we discovered that the performance was being broadcast on a big screen (like movie) in another theatre just across the square and it was FREE! So all of us went in together. 🙂

We were amazed at the performance because there was not only Chinese opera but also musical performances of Chinese flute and Erhu. We were all impressed by one performance which demonstrated the change of masks. The performer was able to change many different kinds of mask in a very short time. Luis enjoyed the performances very much because he likes Chinese culture and arts. Peiru and I were surprised and amazed to find traditional Chinese performance here in Ecuador. 🙂 All the performances were of high quality and the music theatre was beautiful. We had a good time with Luis’ family that night. 8) Thank God for the family time together and the free performance. 🙂


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