Excited core team

Peiru and I conducted our first core team meeting on our own yesterday. 🙂

Luis, Carol, Kathy and Emily were very excited about the plans for 2009. There were a lot of enthusiasm in giving suggestions and how to improve the church. We were surprised that they were very engaged when it comes to setting numeric goals. They were even more enthusiastic than we are. 🙂 Their personality shows from the way they set numeric goals. The Sanguine set very high and faith goal while the Melancholic set realistic goals after analysing the stats for the past 6 months. After much discussion, we set a goal that was with faith and reachable too. We hope to double our church to 40 by end of 2009. 8)

Thank God for the commitment of the core team. They were so engrossed in the planning that they stayed in our house until quite late at night. Thank God also that through our limited Spanish, we manage to facilitate a fruitful meeting with the core team. The core team is a fun-loving and creative bunch of people. They are always ready to give suggestions and sometimes they just entertain themselves with jokes. It is really a good team to have. They are a great help to us. 🙂

It is amazing how God can put people of different nationalities and races to serve Him together. We pray that people of every tribe and tongue will come to worship Him one day. 🙂

Pray with us on the following objectives we set for 2009:
1) Build the foundations of WOG and prayer in the lives of our people.
2) Improve P&W in church and start a music band.
3) 15 more committed members and a total of 40 people in attendance for our church services by the end of the year.
4) Find a bigger place for the church.
5) More ministries to involve the members in our church.


One comment

  1. Well done Hope Quito!! We are very happy for all of you and will continue to pray alongside you. Keep up the good work and may our Lord’s favor be upon you this 2009. With love Joshua & Hannah

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