The first Sunday service on our own

This is the first Sunday on our own without Joshua and Hannah, and we were praying for more than 20 people for today. Thank God that 23 turned up (despite it being the holidays and many pple are travelling ard) and there were a few new friends with us for the first time. PTL! 🙂

I preached about how to maximise the new year and Peiru translated for me. It was a good message for all of us, a good reminder for myself too. 🙂 This week during CG we will do a sermon discussion and share our individual goals for 2009. After the service, the members served food as usual and we had a good time of fellowship with the brothers and sisters. Luis’ family, Jhonny, Peiru and I went to look at a bigger place for church service after that. But the rent was too high. We are looking for a place that can contain 40-50 people so that more people can join us in the future. Those who read this blog, do pray for us that God will provide us with a bigger place which is centralised and that the rent is below US$400 per month.

In the evening, Jhonny asked Peiru and I to visit his friend in hospital. She visited the jungle last week and got bitten by some insects/mosquitoes. She got a fever after that and it did not subside. We bought some things for her and visited her at the hospital. Many of her family members were there when we arrived. She seemed to be better and we chatted for a while. At the end of the visit, we prayed for her and her family was very grateful for the prayer. Think it was a good opportunity to witness. 🙂 Jhonny was thankful that we took the trip down to the hospital too. Thank God for the opportunity to demostrate God’s love and concern for the people. 🙂 Thank God for Jhonny’s caring heart too, that he wanted to connect us with his friend before he travels tomorrow.
Jhonny is going to the Amazons jungle to work starting tomorrow. Work is tough there and they work 7 days a week. We keep this brother in prayer, that he will stay close to to God, have time to rest and even be able to outreach or start a small Christian prayer group there!

It was a long but meaningful Sunday for us. Time to rest tonight as we start teaching tomorrow again! 8)


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