Thank you and we love you!

We sent off Joshua and Hannah at the airport yesterday on New Year’s Day. They are leaving for Los Angeles and Hongkong for their vacation before returning to Singapore to serve God in a greater capacity there.

We held a mini tea-dinner-with-Joshua-and-Hannah on the 30th December. They shared their hopes for the church in the coming year according to the acronymn FUS – standing for Family, Unity and Submission. The church members also shared how Josh and Hannah have impacted their lives. We were really touched by God, to see how their lives dedicated to God to live here in Ecuador have borne such lovely, sweet fruits… How amazing, to see people of different race, nationality, language, united as a family to love and grow in God… God’s love must be real. How great thou art, Jesus!
Here are some pictures:

Dearest Joshua and Hannah,
we are really grateful to you.. for all you’ve given to God and for all that you’ve taught us. Without you, there wouldn’t be Hope Church Quito, and there wouldn’t be Timothy and Phoebe in Ecuador. Every single life in the church here is a fruit of your labour and an evidence of God’s love and power in Ecuador. 🙂 Thank you for dedicating your lives to God and for leaving for us, a wonderful church family and powerful team to work with. 🙂
Thank you for teaching us how to live and love and serve as a couple, thank you for teaching and correcting our spanish and our living habits, thank you for guiding us and helping us every step of the way, from travelling here to working, to getting our visas, to taking the bus, to eating, buying groceries, travelling around Quito, cleaning the house, organizing and leading the church… thank you for sharing your heart, your love and your lives with us. We have been tremendously blessed and we will miss you a lot!
We pray for a double anointing of whatever you have, so that we can serve God here well and bring the church to greater heights. 🙂 We pray that God will continue to anoint you as you serve in Singapore!
Anyway, see you guys on MSN and Skype soon! 🙂


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