Finishing well

Book cover

Book cover

I was looking for an English book to read and found this in one of the boxes on the shelf. It turns out to be a good read for me. 🙂 I was reading this book for the past one week and I just finished reading it. The title of the book is “Finishing Well – Closing Life’s Significant Chapters”. Author is David W. F. Wong.

There are different character studies on Saul, Solomon, David, Samson, Eli, Samuel, Moses, John the Baptist, Joseph, Naomi, Job, Peter and Paul. The overarching theme involves the concept of finishing well, deriving both positive and negative observations from incidents in their lives. My favourite two chapters concern Saul and David. Paul is a close third. There are many valuable leadership lessons I learnt from these characters in the bible. 🙂

One of the principles to finish well is to deal with pride ruthlessly. Saul finished badly because he was hardened by pride. David committed sins worse than most people, yet he genuinely repented before God and found forgiveness and restoration. Pride did not stand in his way. With contrition and repentance, however low we fall, we can still get up and finish well. On the other hand, Paul has great successes but he never let them get into his head. He considered his life worth nothing to fulfill the purposes of God in his life. He was a good example of someone who finished well. 🙂

Even as I was reading this book, I believed that God was speaking to me that in this coming new year, He wants me to be focused on how to finish well. It is always easy to start with a bang and lose the motivation along the way. God reminded me to always have the end in mind in the new year 2009. By the grace of God, I will be able to put what I have learnt in this book into practice. Hopefully, we will be able to finish well in Ecuador. 🙂


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