Christmas Morning Service :)

This is a late entry on what we did on our Christmas service which happened on Christmas morning itself! πŸ™‚
It was the first time that Tim and I preached and translated together and also the first time that we planned an evangelistic service here with the coreteam on our own. The preparation was a little stressful with so many activities going on at the same time, but God is our source of strength! He helped in smoothing out all the little hiccups and gave us a great Christmas service. πŸ™‚

On the day itself, we were a little worried initially because our service started with 8 people! 😦 Hehe.. but praise the Lord, as we prayed and continued to press on, the Lord added to our numbers and at the end of the service we had 26 souls listening to the good news! πŸ™‚ Beto invited his sister and her family to join us for service and it was wonderful, meeting this extended adopted family of ours.. haha.. they are very warm pple and very encouraging too. Very friendly family who live on the outskirts of Quito. Pray that they will join us more often!
( Pray with us that more people will understand, receive the good news AND commit their lives to following God. Because most people in Ecuador are Catholics, it is easy and common to say they know and have heard about Jesus, but many people are disappointed with the church and thus, miss out on really following Jesus and living out the life that God wanted for them. Pray with us that we will be a church that is different and attractive, and a church that truly builds up disciples for Christ! )

Katty and I translated the song “We were the reason” into spanish and we presented the song after the sermon. Many people loved the song… πŸ™‚ Hope that they don’t just love the singing but that the true meaning of Christmas, that we were the reason He had to die.. did sink into the hearts of the pple and love them to commit to the Lord and love the Lord more.

Finally at the end of the service, we had some surprise items for WL and WP as it was their last sunday service with us. Most of the preparation for this was done by the coreteam who really loves the couple a lot! πŸ™‚ Luis spent alot of time and effort preparing a video montage of photos of their 5 years here in Quito, and the girls, together with Daniel and Alejo, presented a song called “Amigos” (Friends) to them. The song is very meaningful, an excerpt speaks about how “Life is a road and it doesn’t matter where you are, whether you come or you go, the good moments that passed without us knowing, will remain in our hearts, A friend is like a light, shining in the dark, you’ll always be my friend, other things don’t matter as much.”
A very touching moment, and at the end, Luis presented a plaque thanking WL and WP for their sacrifice, effort in planting this church in Ecuador and love for the people. πŸ™‚

WL and WP shared a little at the end, touched. And WL also, of course, after 5 years of being a pastor, didn’t forget to challenge the people to continue to grow in God. πŸ™‚

Here are some pics:


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