Christmas at Remar ’08 :)

Last week, the church came together to wrap sweets, cookies and lollipops into small packets as presents for Christmas. It was a full load of goodies on our table! 🙂

On Saturday, we went to Fundación Remar to spend time with the children and bless them with the sweets and presents. Hannah taught them to sing Christmas carols in English, Emily led them to write and share their hopes for Christmas, Joshua gave out the packs of sweets and taught them to say “Thank you” and “Please” and Rosa taught the children to make a pencil holder, materials courtesy of Nilda (her daughter. Both of them are excellent at handicraft… check out the cute formix Santa Claus and Snowmen in the pics!) We also presented the children each with a soft toy (Donated by our brothers and sisters in Singapore, brought over by GQ or Kok Khiang also known fondly as Carlos!)

Thank you for all your giving hearts! The children were really blessed and excited with the toys. They don’t have such cute designs of soft toys here.. 🙂

Emily’s mother and younger brother, Martha and Jude, also joined us to bless the kids. They had lots of fun too! Jude shared that initially, he was not sure if he would know how to interact with the children, but as he watched how we interacted with them warmly, he too slowly warmed up and enjoyed himself. 😉 Great way to impact friends while we bless the community!

Personally, I am getting to know a few of the children better, as I improve in my spanish and as we visit them more often every week. Hope to teach them more in the future!
A few of the children looked a little sad even though it was Christmas.. I think they wished they could spend time with their family during this festive season. Another intelligent little boy shared that Christmas is a time to give, not just to receive and he hoped for peace for the world. What a soft and kind heart these children have.

I pray that we as a Christian family will be a blessing to the children, not just in forms of giving presents during Christmas, but really befriending them and making an impact in their lives. To do this, we need to be consistent and build relationships with them, and also not just give them fish, but teach and help them to fish so that they can grow up to be strong and powerful pple in the future. I couldn’t really express this well during the evaluation time… but I hope that our church will learn to be not just one-time givers.. but really love the children like Jesus did. Good reminder for myself that each time I go to Remar, I should not treat it as a chore, but really an opportunity to share God’s love and values.


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