Feliz cumpleaños, Phoebe!

This is my first birthday spent here in Ecuador (officially? because last year I spent my birthday here as well, but was half sick from jet-lag.. haha..)!

First, last Sat, WL and WP treated us to Japanese sushi at this restaurant called Noe. They have a very interesting menu that’s like a magazine and customers can bring it home! Very nice ambience at the restaurant. And the sushi and sashimi was good too! 🙂 Only thing is that the menu has a cover with a picture that looks like Zhen-zi in The Ring.. haha..

Yesterday night, we met the coreteam for planning and prayer and they celebrated my birthday too! I was very touched because all of them shared that they want to be like family to us, so we shouldn’t feel alone here. “Call us anytime and tell us your needs, not just church stuff!” They said.. 🙂 I am grateful for this powerful and loving spiritual family. Katty also said she treats me like an older sister… 🙂 so heartwarming to have them in my life now. Hope to grow closer to them in the coming year ahead!

Today, ST and I went to Crepes and Waffles for lunch. We planned for the year ahead as we ate lunch (how romantic! hahaha… ) and thank God it was quite fruitful. 🙂 The crepes at the restaurant are not that wonderful.. ST ate this Curry Chicken Crepe (Crepe Pollo al Curry) which was not very nice.. and I ate a Pita Popeye Pocket, which was not bad. The saving grace was the very nice waffle we ordered at the end. Frutas del Bosque! yummy. 🙂
After that we went to the arcade to play games.. hahaha…! Like children, we played bumper cars, ST kicked soccer, we played the step-dance machine and this hit-the-crocodile game (this we played with two kids who hung ard us, wanting to play what we played).

My birthday wishes.. yesterday night as the coreteam shared and prayed for me.. I discovered my third birthday wish for this year.. 🙂 here they are,pray with me! 🙂
1) Pray for love and wisdom to take care of and lead the pple here in Ecuador.
2) Pray for my family in Singapore, my parents and my brother, to know Jesus personally and receive salvation.
3) Pray for the church here to grow strong and biblical. Strong in the Word of God, experience more of Jesus and the Holy Spirit’s power, and capture God’s heartbeat for the world while they love each other as a family!

And here are some photos!


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