Video del retiro

Here’s the video that Guoqiang did up for the church to recap the fun and memorable moments we enjoyed during the very very blessed retreat! He put in a lot of effort for the video, missing hours of sleep! Great work brother! The church was very touched and loved the video very much! They say “Muchisimas gracias, hermano Carlos!”

Aqui está el video que Kok Khiang o Carlos, hizo para la Iglesia Esperanza, al fin de podemos recordar los momentos bonitos y memorables y el diversión durante el retiro. El puso mucho esfuerzo en el video, perdió algunas horas para dormir! Estamos muy agradecidos a Carlos!! Muchisimas gracias, hermano! La iglesia realmente le cae mucho, no? 🙂


One comment

  1. I really thank God for what He is doing in Ecuador through all of you. When I saw the people dancing and the water baptism, I was really encouraged. These are not just anybody. Each and everyone of them are sheep redeemed by Christ and brought into a new life in His family. I now see with my own eyes that the Kingdom is advancing forcefully there in Ecuador as well.

    Thank you for sharing this with me. I am very blessed.

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