Wow! Thank You!

1) Thank God for GQ’s heart in coming to visit us and bless us! Thank GQ for all the presents and gifts he brought for us in the 2 big luggages! Thank you for going through all the trouble!! And thank you for your wonderful friendship. We hope you enjoy your stay!

2) Thank God for GQ’s safe trip and that he was able to rest on the plane and that he found an alternative flight after the Thai airport was closed due to strikes. Thank God for always providing a way! Thank God for the safe luggages too! Thank God GQ doesn’t have much jet lag!

3) Thank you Sharon, Clara, Joel, Jeremy, GQ for visiting our parents and collecting the gifts and spending time with our family. You are greatly, deeply appreciated! I’m sure our parents enjoyed your presence very much too! 🙂 (Thank you to also the other sisters who wanted to make it but couldn’t in the end. We appreciate you too!)

4) Thank you Daddy and Mummy and Papa and Mama (ST’s parents) for all the gifts and food you prepared for us. Mummy, thanks for giving me more clothes than I need! 😀 Thank you for taking the trouble to look for the long sleeved clothes and preparing the shampoo and all. Thank Daddy and Mummy for preparing presents for my birthday in advance! (I’ll save them to open on my birthday! heee) Thanks brother for helping me get the thermal flasks, clothes roll and umbrellas! Thank you Papa and Mama for packing our clothes and the stationery and food! Xie xie!!

5) Thank you Cindy, Nicolas and his cg, Sharon Wong and all in the sub-d who contributed to the food-stuff blessing for us. Cindy, yes, I need your help in identifying what all those ingredients are for.. hahaha! Thank you for all the Bak kwa, pineapple tarts, chrysanthemum drinks, vitamin C and pork floss and sauces! 🙂

6) Thank you Sharon, Claramae and Joel, Iyi Iyi for the gift and my advanced birthday presents!

a) Sharon, the book is great! I really miss reading English books and it’s a very useful book for me and my ministry here. I will put it to good use! Love you lots! Enjoy your STM!

b) Clara and Joel, thanks for the Pilates band, lip gloss and knitted top! You know what, I saw some girls here wearing such a top and I was thinking of getting one myself! You gals read my mind and really know my style! (HUGHUG!) Thank you very much, my dear friends!

c) Thank you Iyi Iyi for the sweet smelling body butter and shower gel, and card! Thank you for all your prayers and thoughts!

7) Thank you Liyi for rushing all the hand-made cards we ordered. You must have been very busy!! And the cards are very nice! And I’ve heard from GQ that you’ve grown much in your love too and are a great support in the CG, helping to take care of the pple too. Keep on growing gal, I’m proud of you. 🙂

8) Thank you HQ and Sarah for sharing your wedding cards, favors and the proposal CD with us. Thank you for sharing your life. We would have loved being there personally but this is really a touching gesture. 🙂 We notice some similarities in the program.. haha.. was our invitation card a source of inspiration for you? 🙂 hee.. very nice and beautiful pictures. And wonderful proposal clip! Thank you for being such wonderful friends. I’m really very encouraged by your testimony and glad to be a part of your lives. Yes, we’ve come a long way since NTU!! hehe.. Thank God for his work in our lives. Have a really blessed marriage and keep in touch!

9) Thank you everyone for all the kind wishes and cards you wrote, as well as the love blessing. It encouraged us much! We will put the love blessing to good use to help the people here in church with their needs! Thank you for praying for us, and especially to our dedicated prayer warriors Poy and ChaiChoo too, for your powerful intercession!

10) Thank you all who contributed soft toys to the children of Fundacion Remar! I’m sure they’ll be very pleased with these air-flown Christmas presents filled with love all the way from Singapore. 🙂

11) Thank you Anne for your English teaching books. We are really touched and amazed by your generosity and your heart to support missions. We’ll put the books to good use! Thank you very much!

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