Mock interview with Jhonny

Jhonny is going to have an interview in English next Monday. He asked us to have a crash course with him so that he can do better in his coming interview. After helping out in the orphanage on Sat morning, both of us sat down and did a mock interview in a cafe. I gave him some tips on how to improve his speaking and told him some of the possible questions the interviewer might ask him. It was a good session as I got to know this brother more in the process. 🙂

We had lunch together after that and he told me that his relationship with God is improving because he has more time to read the bible now. I am glad that he is building his relationship with God now because he might work in the Amazon in the future and have less time. He shared to me more about his family and his plans in the future. It was a great time getting to know each other and encouraging each other in the faith. After lunch, I prayed for him to have a good interview next Monday and that God’s peace to be with him. I enjoyed the time very much. 🙂

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