Witness a powerful testimony

I am glad that we went… 🙂

A brother from our church, Jhonny, invited us to be there at the defense of his thesis. Joshua and I had lessons in the morning but we changed our teaching schedule so that we can make it for this important occasion. After the defense of his thesis, he will graduate from the university with a degree. Jhonny has gone a long way in his studies, he almost gave up halfway because of financial difficulties. It was Joshua and Hannah who helped him financially and encouraged him to continue studying in university.

The defense of thesis was an eye-opener for me. Jhonny presented his thesis and his professors asked him many questions along the way. I was impressed by how Jhonny answered the questions steadily and readily. From the presentation and how he answered his professors, I can see Jhonny put in a lot of effort in the preparation. Jhonny was presenting a technology that detects petroleum and he really knows his stuff! There was a Q & A session at the end of the presentation but there were no questions too difficult for him. 8)

After the defense of thesis, I was surprised that the results were out after 15 min of discussion from the panel. The professors gave very good comments on Jhonny’s thesis and said that he scores a perfect score of 10 for his work. They said that they are going to publish his thesis because it was very well done. After hearing the results, Jhonny gave a speech, thanking God and his family for the thesis. He also made special mention to Joshua who encouraged him to finish his university. God is really glorified during his thanksgiving speech and it was a touching moment. I am so glad to be present. I think all his family members and professors were impacted by his words. I am so proud of Jhonny. 🙂

There was a celebration after that and we toast drinks to one another. Joshua told Jhonny’s family that Jhonny used to be a quiet and timid person before he became a Christian. It was the transformation power of God that change Jhonny to someone with more confidence and today he speaks with so much boldness. His mother agreed with Joshua and said that it must be God who change him. Indeed, all of us witness a living testimony of God’s power right in front of us today. 🙂

Thank God for Joshua and Hannah who never lose hope in Jhonny and supported him with words and actions. Their 5 years of hard work are never in vain, lives are transformed and hearts are changed. They will always be remembered fondly in the hearts of people like Jhonny for believing in them. 🙂

Jhonny (3rd from right)

Jhonny (3rd from right)



  1. wow! I’m very glad for Jhonny, He is a good testimony in our church, I’m a witness too of his change (i know a little part of his history in the church)…I estimate very much to my brother; I think that Hannah and Joshua feel very glad for their sheep (ovejita :)) Thanks God for your power in the live of my brother!

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