oops and adding on..

Oops! I made a mistake in the previous post. The town that has only 2 traffic lights is not Latacunga.. it’s another town near the coast where Katty used to live. Haha.. product of my poor spanish. hahahahaa..

And today during our spanish class, we asked our profesora for the names of some of the things in the photos… apparently more mistakes! Heee…

The ‘radish’ is not a radish.. it’s actually a beet root! It’s called “remolacha” en español.

The tamale or dumpling is actually called ‘kimolito’. Kimbolitos are sweet dumplings. Tamales are salty dumplings.

Oh yes, to answer Howjoo’s comment on goreng pisangs…

Hee.. goreng pisang is fried bananas.. but the goreng pisang in Singapore has a layer of flour over it and is crispy? The plate of fried bananas in the picture is without flour, fried fresh! so slightly different. Anyway, our profesora told us that there is a similar banana-fried-with-flour called “emborrajado de bananos” here.. hmm.. haven’t seen it yet.. shall try to see if it’s really same as the goreng pisang in Singapore! hehehe..

By the way, there are many many types of bananas here in Ecuador. In Singapore, we call all of them bananas, but here, they have different names and are cooked in all sorts of ways, including in soup! The bananas we usually eat are called “maduras” meaning “matured”. They also cook green bananas, called “platanos”. Green bananas are huge… hehe.. They also have mini bananas.. like the type we use for goreng pisang, or even smaller… but i forgot the name.. haha.. blog the next time i see it in the supermarket.

Well, we are learning everyday. 🙂


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