Thank you ST!

Here are photos of the roses from Timothy! 🙂

Fotografias de las rosas de Timothy!

As he blogged, yesterday he went grocery shopping on his own for the first time in his life. First time choosing vegetables and fruits, first time paying for the grocery bill at Megamaxi himself, first time carrying so much vegetables, and first time taking the cab by himself! 🙂 And he chose quite beautiful vegetables too! Congratulations! We are learning to be more independent each day. 🙂

Felicitaciones a Timothy! El compró vegetales y frutas ayer, solo él mismo! Su primera vez escoger los vegetales y frutas y su primera vez llegar tan mucho vegetales y frutas y su primera vez tomar el taxi por el mismo! Muy bien! 🙂 Estamos aprendiendo ser independiente cada dia. Y su primera vez comprar los rosas para mi en Ecuador! Una demostración de su lado romantico. jejeje…

By the way, we bought so much vegetables yesterday because Wednesday is Vegetables and Fruits day at Supermaxi. Everyone gets 20% off vegetables and fruits on Wednesday. And Friday is Meat Day. All meat at 20% off (I think, or at least 10%)! Excellent marketing strategy. 🙂

And first time he bought roses for me in Ecuador. 🙂 Another example of ST’s romantic side. 🙂 heehee… (even if it is a homework from last last week’s CG – to bless the pple around you).

Ecuadorian roses are about 1.5 times or twice the size of roses in Singapore (which are usually imported from China or India – Indian roses are the smallest), and they cost US$1.80 for a packet of a dozen. In Singapore, Ecuadorian roses cost about SG$5 PER STALK. Good reason to be romantic in Ecuador yeah? :p

Las rosas ecuadorianas son doble el tamaño de las rosas en Singapur (La mayoria están importados de China o India). Las rosas de India son lo más pequeñas. En Singapur, las rosas Ecuatorianas costan aproximamente SG$5 (US$3.5?).. muy barato aquí! Este es un buen razon para ser romantico en Ecuador, no? jejeje…

Me encanta la naturaleza en Ecuador. Espero visitar Mindo o Amazonas en el futuro.. 🙂

Anyway I’ve been saying this very often, but for the record in our blog.. “Flowers that are super expensive in Singapore are growing by the roadsides here! Calla lilies, Jade plants, even Hydrangea!” Wow.. 🙂 I love the nature here.. Look forward to some trips to Mindo or the mountains or the amazons in my stint here.. 🙂


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