Celebrating little successes

Today I started a new lunchtime English class with two students. It is my first two-person class and they are the highest level among the other classes I am teaching. I think my English will improve as I teach all these English classes. Now I have to pay more attention to the English I use, (No more Singlish!) my pronunciation, and I need to analyse the language more.. why we use certain tenses or certain words instead of others. 🙂 It is a little challenging, but I think I quite enjoy interacting with my students, sharing with them about SG and asking them about Ecuador. 🙂

These two students looked a little stressed and tired. They are from the same company as Tim’s student.. and Tim said they are a busy company. I think I’ll need to spice up my lessons a little.. somemore, it’s a lunchtime class.. they’re probably hungry. I hope I’ll be able to impact them and make English fun for them too.

Next week, I’m starting a new two-person class. The classes are at 7am.. and as most of you know, I’m not a morning person. Thank God that He has been providing classes that are very near our house for me. hee.. This class is in replacement of another class (the one with the Pilates instructor) that has stopped this week. I was initially a little disappointed as that meant lesser time with her and also, lesser income for us. But thank God, the academic coordinator gave me a replacement class almost immediately and this class is even nearer to our house than the previous! The coordinator also mentioned that these students are rather weak so I need to review the lessons with them more. I should probably go a little slower too. 🙂 New challenges –  students of different levels!

Today, we also took a walk around our neighbourhood to look for hotels/hostels nearby. A friend from Singapore is coming to visit us!! I’m so excited. 🙂 (Some of the coreteam have even started to help him think of a spanish name.. hahahah) I am glad that we managed to strike a decent conversation with the staff in the hotel and ask the right questions we wanted to ask, as well as understand most of what they said. *phEw* upped our confidence of spanish by a little notch! Yippee! 🙂

Last week we also went searching for wedding rings with some friends who are getting married. It’s fun, looking at all the designs, and they are very street smart too. They asked each shop how much the gold was, per gram. Interesting.. we should learn this streetsmart-ness and shrewdness from them! When Tim and I bought our rings.. we weren’t so streetsmart.. we only looked at design and price! haha.. and our rings are quite light. :p (Well.. supposedly gold or platinum or whatever, they should be heavier, it means the ring is worth more.) Anyway.. I like my wedding rings. We’re not going to trade them anyway.. hahaha… 😉

Today, WL also shared with us about how this journey in Ecuador is probably going to test our marriage. I agree.. hehe.. there will definitely be times of disagreement, but we believe we will grow stronger together too. We should learn to love and support each other, correct each other when necessary and work through difficulties together. We have seen that we complement each other very well.. one is talkative, one is a good listener, one is more excitable, one is more steady, one is more outgoing, one is more homely, one enjoys languages, one enjoys sports and music, BUT… Both love God and both are goodlooking… It happens when you serve God more. hahahahah….  

Hmm.. ok jokes aside, well, the challenges ahead shall mean a time of growth not just as individuals, but also as a couple/family. And regardless of similarities or differences, we should put them all to work. Work together as a powerful team for God. That’s what we believe a godly couple should be.

Lord, we look forward to your strengthening. 🙂 Thank you for your help thus far and always. Amen.


  1. “…one is talkative, one is a good listener…”

    Hahaha.. I can tell from the length of your posts who is who! 🙂

    I’m sure with both your unique skill sets and personalities, you would be ‘tian yi wu feng’. Haha.. ‘Tian yi’ must be held together by ‘Tian’.. Will pray for God’s strengthening.

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