Feeling the heat of ministry

There seems to be more things to be done till the end of the year because of the church retreat and many events happening in Dec. On top of normal teaching and preaching, we need to plan for the other lessons being taught in the retreat. Please pray for us for good time management and wisdom for the preparations/planning. I think it will be another time of growth for Peiru and me during Dec. We need to rely on God even more during this time. 🙂



  1. hello! haha was really surprised to see your comment on my blog! suddenly i realised the power of blogs! yea was in melb for the past year. in one of the newly-started centre in north melb. haha. thanks much and certainly, let’s keep in touch! seems like an exciting life for King J over there! no wonder it’s a hot blog to read cos the posts are always fresh! haha. by no accident that i came across your blog, and i certainly look forward to more of His Works through you guys. keep it up! :))

  2. We are also surprised by the power of blog, that we are able to keep in touch with so many friends through this blog. What are you studying in melb? When will you be going back to Singapore? Thanks for visiting our blog! =)

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