Un Viaje de Comidas Parte 1

Like all Singaporeans.. food is always enticing to us.. Here’s a picture journey of the food we’ve been having in Ecuador so far.. hahaha.. inclusive of visits to friends’ houses, fast food, chinese food from restaurants and our cooking! there’ll be more.. so this is just part 1, after about a month in Ecuador.

Todos los Singapurenses les encanta… LA COMIDA! Siempre! Hmm.. Ecuatorianos también.. no? jeje.. Abajo es un viaje en imágenes, de las comidas comimos en Ecuador hasta ahora.. incluido las comidas cocinado por amigos, las comidas al patio de comidas, hamburguesas, chifas.. yummy.. y por supesto, nuestra comidas hecho en casa… ! Habrá más, entonces… esto sólo es parte 1! Que disfruten!



  1. Hee, yes! We’ve been eating well. My parents say Timothy is growing rounder.. :p

    Ah.. the sweet and spicy fish.. is very delicious but it took a long time to fry. haha.. the sauce is basically tomato ketchup and a little chili sauce. You could try it in Portland! Oh I’ll cook it for you when I meet you next time! 🙂

  2. Wow if you cook for me I will be very very happy.
    I think I am not as good cook as you are, but definitely I could try to cook for you also 😀

    I am eager to read about the trip to Tonsupa!!!


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