Top 100 fastest growing wordpress blog in the world

PR just told me that our blog is ranked 95 in the fastest growing wordpress blog. It is amazing because we received close to 2000 hits on our blog which is only about 1 month old. I was even more shocked when I saw that our blog is ranked above a Singapore actress Jesseca liu’s blog:  She has a fan club and is ranked 99 at the moment.

Thanks to WL & WP and all of you who read our blog regularly. 🙂 This is a great encouragement to us. Hope that our blog will be a blessing to all! Keep coming, keep reading! 🙂


  1. nIcE bLog! 🙂 From the 1st look, I couldn’t even tell that the pic on your banner was taken by u guys (I thot it was from the standard template from ‘wordpress’!) nice job!

    Anyways, i think ppl are ReaLLY interested to know what building God’s church in a foreign land is like.. i think ppl usually paint a scary pix or unrealistic idea of tent-making. Btw, WP and i love the honesty and transparency of the inputs! It shows that doing God’s work IS a lifestyle.. and that you can truly lIvE & EnjOy it! (and yes, even having pilates and gOOd food! *hahahaaa*)

    keep up the good work! 🙂

  2. wow!! congratulations!! is a very nice blog and it needs time, creative and patience, to write, take pictures.. are doing a good teamwork!!
    this blog is a nice idea inspired for God!!


  3. Hola ST & PR,

    Felicitaciones! We are so proud of team ecuador being superstars for Jesus! And of course of ST & PR working so hard on their spanish and their various roles.

    We had our monthly SMS and wana let all of u
    (WL, WP, ST, PR) know that u r in our prayers.
    Thanks for sharing your life in Ecaudor with us through this blog. Continue to keep us posted!

    Q Dios les bendiga. Jia you!!

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