First Pilates Lesson

Peiru and I just had our first Pilate lesson and it was a great workout. We learnt plenty of stretching within one hour and both of us felt that our back and stomach were stronger after that. I first heard about Pilates in Singapore and there were many testimonies of healing through the exercise. Pilates focuses on postures and controlled movements so it is not too strenous. Since I was in track and field for 15 years and have plenty of injuries, I thought of learning Pilates in Singapore but never have the time. It happened that one of Peiru’s students is a Pilates instructor and she is willing to teach us at a reasonable rate. She does not mind coming to our house to teach us, so we decided to learn Pilates twice a week. Unlike Yoga, the origin of Pilates is unreligious, you can read about its origin in the link:

Some of the stretching were rather difficult for us, especially when we have not stretched for some time. I believe that after some more sessions, our back postures will be corrected. The gym downstairs our house is opening tomorrow. I am looking forward to exercise more in the near future! 🙂



  1. Hey hey… good to hear you are doing pilates and liking it. It really helps in the abs and postures. I just started my pilates classes in Phuket too! Abs and arms/shoulders (think cos i din do some of it rite) were really aching for the next few days! But it felt good overall.
    Keep up the good work!

  2. Wow Vivian! That’s great to hear!

    Let’s keep fit together! Hehe.. I had muscle aches for 2 days after the Pilates, but at my second lesson, i could do some of the other exercises I couldn’t do initially! *Encouraged* 🙂

    Healthy living out of Singapore!

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