Teaching in spanish for the first time

I finally taught my first teaching in spanish in a small group lesson. The lesson was about how to read and study the bible. I wrote down everything I wanted to say in spanish and practised with Peiru before the lesson started. Thank God for Peiru who patiently listened to me and corrected some of my spanish pronunciation. 🙂

The lesson went rather smoothly and it was rather interactive. Kathy and Emily were very enthusiastic and participative in the discussion. We talked about some of our struggles in reading the bible and shared about some practical ways to be more disciplined. Peiru and Wanphing helped a lot by sharing their experiences. There were a lot of fun and laughter through the sharing of experiences. I made a few blunders in pronoucing some spanish words but it was alright. I thought it was quite funny and learnt to laugh at myself. We enjoyed learning from one another and from the bible.

Kathy and Emily were appreciative of the effort made to teach in spanish and clapped at the end of the lesson. I hope that they have learnt something and pray that God will help them to be more disciplined in reading and studying the bible. My next lesson with them is next wednesday. Pray for me that my spanish will continue to improve and I will be able to impart biblical principles to them. Thanks! 🙂



  1. Wah! great to hear the happenings in Hope Quito, Ecuador. Saw the prayer requests in the earlier entries. will keep you all in prayer. what an encouraging testimonies that have shared. believed God will sent resources as you all serve in the church, and bless you with anointing and spiritual strength! take care. 🙂 Just a short testimonies, just last ESS we had in Adults, my CG got two new Myanmar converts! God is indeed working in the hearts of people, even at times, we may not see it.

  2. Wow great! 😀
    Encouraged to hear your testimonies! We read fr Ps Jeff’s blog abt the combined ESS on a Friday.. cool! your grp is becoming international! hehe.. We’ll keep the NBs in prayer too! Pray they’ll grow strong in faith daily! Thanks for praying with us too! God is working all over the world. 🙂

    Take care and God bless!

  3. Tim thanks for your teachings, is really impressive as Phoebe and You are learning spanish so fast, thanks God for sending us a very strong brothers in Christ and to continue growing in our faith. Thanks for all: Tim, Pho, Hannah and Josh!! los quiero mucho! 🙂

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