Congratulations Lao Gong!

PR hereby congratulates her dear husband for his very first teaching in ESPANOL! Muy Bien! *Pat on the back*

Felicitaciónes a mi esposo por su primera enseñanza en español! Muy Bien!

It was definitely no easy task for ST. He took 2.5 days just typing out in spanish what he wanted to elaborate on the points… and I’m sure many braincells died along the way. Today we practiced reading it before the teaching and he was still very nervous. I would like to affirm that my husband can speak spanish, he just takes a slightly longer time to think and pronounce the words. 🙂

Era un tarea muy muy difícil para Tim. Era un desafío! El tocó 2.5 días solo por pensar y traducir los elaboraciónes y ejemplos en español… pienso que muchas de sus células de cerebro murieron. Practicamos antes del reunión pero él todavia tuve mucho nervioso.

La enseñanza fui bien. Gracias a Dios! Fue un poquito corto, pero reímos muchos, a veces porque el español fue muy chistoso, pero la mayoria del tiempo, por causa de las bromas y los testimonios que compartimos.

The teaching went well, it was a little short because something happened to our sheep’s family just today, so dinner time was longer as we chatted more and encouraged her… During the teaching, thank God that the two sheep understand and were patient. 🙂 They also spoke more slowly for us to understand them. 🙂 There was alot of laughter, a few because of ST’s spanish, but mostly because of jokes and testimonies we shared. 🙂

I’m humbled and encouraged by ST’s effort. Spanish is one of the biggest challenges for him here in Ecuador because he’s not a language person. He put in alot of time and hard work, and most importantly, his heart. He was humble to accept the difficult task, and laugh at himself when he made mistakes, and very submissive in receiving correction. I’m proud of you, dear!

Soy orgulloso de mi esposo. El es muy humilde y trabajando. El puso mucho tiempo, mucho esfuerzo y más importante, su corazon. El recibió la tarea difícil humildemente y rió a su mismo cuando él cometió un error. Tim me recuerda de la parábola de los talentos Mateo 25:14-28 y el versículo 2 Cor 12:10.

ST reminds me of the parable of the talents (Matt 25:14-28) and also the verse 2 Cor 12:10

“That is why, for Christ’s sake, I delight in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties. For when I am weak, then I am strong.”

Serving God is not about how intelligent and talented you are. What for, if God gave me a hundred talents but they were all used to please myself, gain popularity and recognition and power or riches? But even if we have only one talent and put it to good use, God will multiply it, because His work is done with His power! And so, we will delight, not just in our one talent, but also our weaknesses and our difficulties, because when we are weak, we are strong in God! With whatever little spanish we have, we pray and believe God will use it to multiply hundred-folds… 🙂 And the braincells that died along the way, in exchange for transformed lives? VERY WORTH IT. 😉

“Por eso me regocijo en debilidades, insultos, privaciones, persecuciones y dificultades que sufro por Cristo; porque cuando soy débil, entonces soy fuerte.”

Servir a Dios no es acerca de tu inteligencia o tus talentos. Para qué tienes muchos talentos pero solo les usas para complacerse o aumentar tu mismo popularidad, poder o reconocimiento? Sin embargo, aun tienes solo un talento y usarle por Dios, Dios les multiplicará, porque Su obra es haciendo con Su poder! Por eso, deleitamos en debilidades y dificultades porque cuando soy debíl, soy fuerte en Dios! Y las células de cerebro que murió, a cambio de las vidas transformados? Vale la pena!

My husband has a humble spirit of learning, serving and delighting in our weaknesses and difficulties, and I hope that this humble heart like that of Christ will be imparted to our flock here, and they will catch this sweet and serving spirit, as well as his love for a powerful and very loving God.

Mi esposo tiene un espiritu humilde para aprender, servir y deleitarse en sus dificultades y debilidades, y espero que esta corazon humilde, como esa de Cristo, conferirá a los demás, y ellos capturarán su dulce espíritu de servir, también, su amor por nuestra Dios poderoso y amoroso… 🙂



  1. yes sister, i totally agree with you that ST has always been someone that inspires us with his humility .. 🙂 indeed its when we are weak then GOD’s power is shown even more powerfully through us..
    looks like ur spanish should be pretty good now since u can type out your entry in spanish too..

  2. Yeah.. I have a good husband. 🙂 All good things come from heaven, thank God!

    JC, TGC too.. 🙂 Holidays now? enjoy a good rest and make good use of it! 🙂

    Joel, hehe.. thanks, i’m not very fluent yet. But wanna practise my spanish as much as possible (still using the dictionary very often.hee) and hope also that our ecuadorian bros and sis can read our blog and be encouraged too. 🙂

  3. haha i’m sure if any brain cells have died, it would only serve to result in many more hearts coming alive to Him.. thank God for the both of u & keeping u both in prayer

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