Sábado is Sabbath day

We are having a long weekend now. 🙂 Monday is a public holiday in Ecuador – the founding day of Cuenca. This is the second public holiday we are enjoying in Ecuador. So we shifted service to Saturday, sábado in spanish. (And they do not put their days of the week with CAPS as we do in english!)

On this special sábado, ST preached his second sermon, beginning a new series, and I led the ice-breaker in spanish for the first time. It was a good time. Our new sermon series is themed “Exploding the Myths that Make Us Miserable” and we’re going to discuss different myths in our lives that we may have grown up believing, consciously or sub-consiously. ST preached a good sermon on the foundation of our beliefs and I was reminded about how important it is to have faith in something so that we would not be tossed and turned by any wave that comes along. Not only that, we need to have faith in the right thing. How sad it would be, to live our lives following after something only to find that all our life we were sincerely wrong. It is indeed not enough to have faith and sincerity. We need to believe in the right thing, the God-breathed Word of God that teaches us, corrects us, equips us!

Desde esta mañana, comenzamos una nueva serie titulado ‘Sacando a la luz los mitos que nos dominan’. Timothy predicó y yo aprendé que es muy importante a tener la fe en las cosas justas, correctas. Muchas de nuestras problemas vienen por causa de las creencias falsas. También, es importante tener la fe en las cosas correctas por que puedes ser sincero pero puedes ser sinceramente equivocado. Y este, yo pienso, es muy triste. Es muy triste vivir toda tu vida por una causa y descubrir al fin que es equivocado! Debemos tener la fe en y practicar la Palabra de Dios que es inspirada por Dios y útil para enseñar, para repender, para corregir y para instruir en la justicia! (2 Tim 3:16) 

It was the first time leading ice-breaker in service and in spanish as well. Because the theme was on myths, I decided to get the members to help me learn more about Ecuador and the myths they believe in. It was challenging because it was awkward to read my script so I tried to speak in spanish from my memory of the script.. and the most challenging was actually understanding them as they spoke. PheW.. to speak, I can prepare, but to listen and understand, I need God’s help in catching the context and all.. thank the Lord it went well, though I must admit I didn’t quite understand all. They do share some similar myths – such as 7 yrs of bad luck if you break a mirror, avoiding black cats and not walking under ladders, as well as unlucky Friday the 13th.

It was a good sábado. Sábado in spanish, is both Saturday and Sabbath day. It was refreshing to be able to spend a great sábado with God and His people. I was reminded that Sabbath means the day of rest, holy to the Lord, and should not be desecrated (Exodus 16:23). How important it is to remind ourselves to rest and spend time with God!

Tuvimos el culto el sábado pasado. Es interesante por que me recordé que sábado es literalmente y espiritualmente sábado! Según la Biblia, en Exo 16:25, sábado es “el dia de reposo consagrado al Señor”. Entonces, es muy importante a recordamos a nosotros mismos a descansar y pasar tiempo con Dios, especialmente en nuestras vidas tantas ocupadas. Disfruté el sábado pasado, escuché la Palabra de Dios y canté alabanza y adoración a Dios y después, jugué ping pong con los hermanos. Pero jugué demasiado y olvidé tomar las fotografias… jaja..

Domingo, Josh, Hannah, Tim y yo, descansamos y planificamos por el retiro en Diciembre. Almorzamos a un restaurante Americana, Ricissimo! Descansar en Dios incluyo las comidas ricas. jejeje….

After the service, we went to Molinon to play table-tennis! Cool! One of my favourite sports.. wahahhaa.. We had a really fun time and I was really amazed that so many of our church members love the game! I had fun playing.. and also teaching the little girls in church how to play. 🙂 Some of our church members are quite good too! It was a great time of fellowship.. haha.. hmm.. I look forward to the next time we have sports. Ecuadorians also love football.. not just watching, but also playing.. and this includes the girls. And the girls invited me to play next time, saying that my one experience in SG was not counted as anything. hahaha..
Anyway, I had so much fun I forgot to take pictures! Sheesh.. there’ll be a next time. 🙂

This Sunday and Monday, we will spend resting in the Lord. Today, we slept in late and went for a good long lunch at an American restaurant. Sumptuous meals are included in rest days. Haha. We also spent the time planning for our annual church retreat at the end of the year. Look forward to a great time of learning and fellowship! Our first opportunity to stay over and spend a few FULL days with our members, some visitors and even some pre-believers who have signed up!

This week, pray with us:

Orar con nosotros:
1) Improvement in spanish – ST is going to teach in spanish in our small groups this week. Pray for him to teach well. Also, pray for us to improve in listening as well!

Mejoramos nuestra español!

2) Growth of our members and the church as we begin the new series, which is also evangelistic. PRay for us that our faith in God deepens as we debunk the myths in our lives!

Crecemos mientras que comenzamos la nueva serie del sermones. Aumenta en la fe mientras que sacandamos a la luz los mitos en nuestras vidas.

3) We are out-growing the current place we are in. For the past 2-3 weeks, we were almost full-house, no more space for newcomers! WL and WP have been looking for 4 mths now, for a new place. We are looking for something around 100m sq., accessible and affordable. Pray with us!

Necesitamos un nuevo sitio porque en Octaedro ahora, no hay suficiente espacio! Por las semanas pasadas, estuvimos casi FULL! Oramos por un sitio de 100m cuadrados approximamente, accesible y asequible!

4) Upcoming retreat in December – for the planning and preparations. Good time for us to serve closely together with the coreteam! Pray too, for the church to be excited and forward-looking to the retreat!

El retiro en Diciembre, por las planificaciónes y preparaciónes. Oramas que vamos a ser emocionante y listos por el retiro!


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  1. Ola! Haven’t visited this site for quite a while liao … very happy to hear so many great updates. The work there is certainly challenging but God will certainly use you both greatly. Continue to be strong and courageous! Our thoughts with you.

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